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Welcome to Core Energy Management

Multi-functioned team built from highly experience Permian Basin personnel with over 350 years of combined industry experience. Our team leans on that experience to minimize downtime and eliminate unnecessary expenses to maximize returns and drive your reserve base forward

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About Core Energy

We are a team of versatile experts from the Permian Basin with extensive industry experience, totaling over 350 years. We leverage our expertise to optimize energy use, track and reduce carbon emissions, and increase resilience. We help our clients achieve their energy goals and drive their reserve base forward.

Our Mission is to empower the future of oilfield services through innovative AI-driven solutions, and revolutionize the industry by integrating intelligent technologies into all facets of operations. We are committed to driving a transformative shift from traditional methodologies to a dynamic, tech-centric ecosystem that maximizes efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Our Vision is to be the leader in pioneering a sustainable future, minimizing environmental impact through intelligent resource management and innovative practices. Our commitment extends beyond profit margins, embracing a responsibility to drive positive change and reshape the oilfield landscape into a technology-driven industry.

Driven by a passion for innovation, we harness the power of artificial intelligence to optimize exploration, production, and distribution processes. Our relentless pursuit of technological advancement enables us to deliver unparalleled insights, predictive analytics, and tailored solutions that redefine the boundaries of efficiency and productivity within the oilfield.

Permian Basin

What Services and Products We Offer?

Well Management
Core Energy provides a dedicated team of field personnel with over 350 years of combined industry experience ranging from Lease Operators to Operations Managers.
Project Engineering
Our team of highly trained and experienced Engineers provide technical support for any project from cradle to grave of your energy assets. Our Drilling and Completions
Asset Consulting
Our Wellsite Consulting service is at the forefront of empowering your operations with unparalleled expertise and strategic guidance. Core Energy Partners brings together
Maintenance & Repairs
Our top-tier maintenance services encompass an array of essential tasks, including new well hookups, flow line repairs, tank battery maintenance, compressor and de-hi repairs
Regulatory Management & Consulting
Core’s team of Regulatory experienced specialists provide the expertise to help you navigate the fast changing
Financial Management and Reporting
We offer a meticulously compiled finance team with highly diverse experience backgrounds to offer full-scale financial support ranging from AR/AP processing

“We’ve used Core Energy Management, exclusively, for well management and regulatory consulting for over 500 wells and they’ve consistently gone above our expectations.”

Jeff Wilhelm

Co-Founder of New Height Energy

Core Energy Management
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